drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Must Protect Our Imaginary friends....

That's what is wrong with the evil liberals, they are not willing to protect Imaginary Friends from Imaginary Threats.
"Jose was not a member of any support cell because there wasn't one. He did not commit violence. There were no victims, real or imaginary," Mr Natale told the jurors.
[ cf Padilla 'trained as jihad fighter' ]
Oh Yeah!!!!

When did we need to start injecting REALITY into the process??? as we note with:
In his opening statements in the Miami courtroom, prosecutor Brian Frazier made no mention of the radioactive bomb plot that was cited when Padilla was arrested and placed in military detention in 2002 but that does not figure in the indictment.
[ ( op cit) ]

And their Reality Based Efforts to Limit the Unlimitable Power of the Divine Will.....

Or something like that...
Tags: religion, war

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