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The Buck Stops Where????

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz...
As former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney tries to distinguish himself from his Republican rivals in the race for president, he's also distancing himself from President Bush.
"I think the administration made a number of errors," he told interviewer Mike Wallace. But, he said, Bush isn't solely to blame.

"Well, he's the person where the buck stops," Romney said, "but it goes to the secretary of defense and the planning agencies, the Department of State -- it's the whole administration."
Asked what those mistakes were, Romney said, "I don't think we were adequately prepared for what occurred. I don't think we had done enough planning. I don't think we considered the various downsides and risks."

[ cf Romney faults administration for mistakes in Iraq ]
But can one really say that the Buck stops anywhere's near the president when one knows that all of those Liberal Peace Freaks, those Capitulationist Appeaser, Stab our troops in the Back UnAmericanist in the Pentagon are all to blame for having given the Vice President Information Free Intelligence Stuff, rather than actual actionable Intelligence data.

You have to love the 'but it goes to....' I mean, hello... anyone home there homey?

Now, great, the Romney way would have been what? To actually want to be involved? to actually get with the programme, and decide that some things are more important than mere domestic political short term gains on the Graves and Maimed Bodies of GI's????

Come On Romney? Are you gonna Hop on that hot potatoe, or are you going to wait another 100+ years to decide that gosh, maybe we should have done the righter thing back at this time...

But at least we have to give it to Romeny, he's getting press, and getting out, and gosh, he may help refine what will be the start of the consideration of the possibilities of what could be the single most important decision that will be totally like everyone gets it, two centuries from now...
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