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Iraq's Brutal Stab In The Back...

Yes, You Saw it here first
A majority of Iraq's parliament has expressed support for a proposed bill that would require a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. soldiers from Iraq and freeze current troop levels.

Much like what Democrats have demanded in the U.S. Congress, the Iraq draft would create a timeline for a gradual departure and would require the Iraqi government to secure parliament's approval before further extensions of the U.N. mandate for foreign troops in Iraq, which expires at the end of 2007.

"We haven't asked for the immediate withdrawal of multinational forces; we asked that we should build our security forces and make them qualified and at that point there would be a withdrawal," said Baha al-Araji, a parliamentarian allied with anti-American Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, whose supporters drafted the bill. "But no one can accept the occupation of his country."

[ cf Iraq may demand timetable for U.S. to get out ]

Clearly now that they have decided that they Hate Peace, Prosperity and a Globally Integrated Economy, it makes sense that they have become one more Stooge In The Horrific Global Democratic Conspiracy Against God's Divine Will!!!

We tried to warn americans about the growing threat that Iraq might fall to the Iraqi's and that the only true solution was to keep on keeping on the same old stay the course coursing through the surging surrges of manly thrusting of the tumultuous Tubor Of Truthineff!!!! Anything Less and the Gay Marriage Only Pirate Canadianist WIN!!!!
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