drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Romney's Unstoppable Rampage Against White Christian America....

Oh ME! Oh MY! What EVER!
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said his Mormon religious faith's history of polygamy could trouble American voters but that he too is bothered by it.

The former Massachusetts governor, whose great-grandfather had five wives and whose great-great-grandfather had a dozen, said in an interview to be broadcast on Sunday that the practice banned by the Mormon church in 1890 was "awful."

"That's part of the history of the church's past that I understand is troubling to people," he said, according to comments to be aired on the CBS network's "60 Minutes" television program. Excerpts were released on Thursday.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as the faith is formally known, distances itself from 30,000 to 60,000 breakaway Mormons in Utah and nearby states who practice polygamy illegally, as well as the many excommunicated Mormons in polygamous marriages who still identify with the faith.

Joseph Smith, founder of the once-isolated sect based in Salt Lake City, Utah, took at least two dozen wives, say historians. His successor, Brigham Young, had about 20.

The practice was officially banned when Washington, angered by its spread, threatened to deny statehood to Utah.

[ cf Romney troubled by Mormonism's polygamous past (emphasis mine) ]

Romeny is not rerally trying to sell us the Idea that he is the More Truthier Saint than Either Joseph Smith or Brigham Young??? Or that He has always HATED Father Abram, and so many of the Founding Fathers of the Old Testament??? I mean, gosh, can he get more UnAmerican in one short Or What???

Would this be a really bad time to talk about the ONGOING Jack Booted Radical Left Wing Extremist Persecution of White Christian America with their Godless Bible Burning Hatred of Biblical Literalists who are not willing to compromise God's One True And Only Truth with the Idolatrous Demonic Forces Of Modern SeXular Humanism, or should we just sweep that issue under the rug until after we get the Theocracy up and running...

You know, because we are Now MORE than Ever Before in a time of transferring the tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn, and if we are not willing to be truthier true believers, as is politically allowable within the context of the current domestic political agenda as mandated by the Shrill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists God Hating America Bashers in the Party, the THE GAY MARRIAGE ONLY TERRORISTS will move into your neighborhood and the price of your home will deflate below your ReFi Position.

Or Those Iranian Flying Saucers Will Come Back!!!

Or... Or... Or....

Row, Row, Row Your Boat....

Sing It with me kiddies, this may be our last time before Noah starts collecting Tickets for the Boat Ride...
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