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More Why Does Romney Hate Jesus....

ok, help us out here Romney,
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Wednesday reports that his wife donated $150 to Planned Parenthood in 1994 aren't surprising given his position on abortion at the time.

"I was effectively pro-choice at that time," said Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, during a campaign stop in Iowa.

Romney insists that while he took a pro-choice stand until a couple of years ago, he has always personally opposed abortion. He added that his wife's donations say little about his positions on the matter.
"Her contributions are for her and not for me," Romney said before a campaign appearance in Iowa. "Her positions are not terrible relevant to my campaign." Romney volunteered that wife, Ann, is now one of the heads of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, a leading anti-abortion group.

[ cf Romney: Wife Donated to Pro-Choice Group (emphasis mine)]

Talk about Defeatist Kapitulationist Cut And Runner who was for it until he was Against It!!!!

This is what happens when folks ABANDON THE WILL OF GOD and decide that they OPPOSE the Argument from Intelligent Design and the Dictates of the Divinity Of Dubya....

So let us also take into account here this whole Radical Red Lesbian Feminist Terrorism that some how the Head of the Household should not be held accountable for what his female is doing!!!! I mean what IS she doing out of the House and engaged in Terrorist Activities like supporting Shyrill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremist Groups like Planned Parenthood, when she should be home Filling The Quiver with Children Ready To Rush off to war to stop the Forces Of Darkness!!!

Clearly it is time For Romney to get back to his Bible and DEAL with the Full Biblical Literalism that Women MUST be Silent in the Church!!! And thus, if there is to be no Separation Between Church And State, then how EVER has he been so Godless as to allow her to speak out at all!!!!

Doesn't he understand that we Are MORER in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the Unborn than Ever Before....

Do americans want one more Radical Left Wing Extremist who can not keep Order in his own house to be allowed to even try to be the Great Manifestation Of God's True OneNeff In All Things????
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