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Why Do The Liberals Hate America???

Ok, help me out here....
According to the centre, Esfandiari travelled to Tehran in late December to visit her mother. On the way to the airport for a flight back on December 30, her taxi was stopped and she was robbed by three knife-wielding men who took everything including her passport.

Four days later at Iran's passport office, she was 'invited' for an interview with Iran's Ministry of Intelligence, leading to 'a series of interrogations' over six weeks, sometimes four days a week and up to eight hours a day, the Wilson Centre said.

She was repeatedly asked about her activities with the think tank and 'pressured to make a false confession or to falsely implicate the Wilson Centre in activities in which it had no part,' the statement said.

The harassment apparently stopped in mid-February, though her passport was not returned. The centre's president, Lee Hamilton, appealed a few days later directly to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to intervene, saying the mission of the Wilson Centre was to promote dialogue and not to get involved in internal politics.

Last week she was contacted and again asked to make 'false statements,' which she refused to do, the centre said. She was summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence again on Monday and taken to prison when she arrived for her appointment Tuesday morning.

'This needless harassment and unwarranted action has placed great strain on Dr Esfandiari's family,' the centre's statement said.

[ cf US calls on Iran to release detained US citizens (Roundup) ]
Ok, so what really is the problem here....

I thought everyone understood that in a time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn the divine right of the state to detain anyone for any reasons to run down possible rumours about their involvement with anti-state agitators was considered a Gooder Thing, hence why all true Americans support the Divine Rights of the President, any President, but especially any president with Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eyes, to be able to do this!!!!

I mean, wouldn't you want to know if the Evil Wilson Center was a true beliver and truly engaged in engaging in the true Truths!!! Wouldn't you feel safer knowing that Only True Beleivers Were Truly Believing There????

Clearly if the Wilson Institute is merely engaging in Dialog, then isn't that a Confession that they are Satanic Devil Worshippers STABBING OUR VALIANT FIGHTING FORCES IN THE BACK simply because they are all soft on the Gay Marriage Initiatives!!!!

I mean, would you want merely Dialogers going into Iran to Win Against the Evil Enemies???
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