drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Pope Opens Holy War With America????

Oh ME!!! Oh MY!!!! What ever will we do???
ope Benedict XVI says he supports the excommunication of politicians who legalize abortion.

He spoke to reporters aboard his plane Wednesday on his way to Brazil for his first South American visit.

The pope was discussing a recent vote by lawmakers to legalize abortion in Mexico City. Pope Benedict said the local Catholic leaders' response, that lawmakers who approved the measure should be excommunicated, is supported by church doctrine.

[ cf Pope Supports Excommunication for Lawmakers Who Legalize Abortion ]
Oh DEAR ME!!!!

What if the Pope were to excumunicate any american who did not support the Pope's position that accidentally invading other countries was a Double-Plus-UnGood Moment??? Can we really take the risk of the Papists Stabbing our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back by Undermining our White Christian American Way of Life???

Clearly now that the Papists have Breached the Peace of Westphalia we have no other choice but Total Victory over Iran or else the Evil Demonic Thingie Poohs will come back...

Anything Less and the Space Aliens will not be taking Tom Cruise Back Home....
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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