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Ethical Struggles In Happy Land???

Say it isn't So...
Fewer than half of soldiers and Marines polled in Iraq would report a buddy for unethical behavior, according to a combat mental health study released Friday by the Defense Department.

The latest Mental Health Advisory Team survey queried 1,320 soldiers and 447 Marines anonymously from August to October 2006, the fourth in a series of studies since 2003 to assess the mental health and well-being of deployed forces.
Just 47 percent of soldiers and 38 percent of the Marines participating believe that noncombatants should be treated with “dignity and respect,” according to the report.

One servicemember in 10 admitted to hitting or kicking a civilian, or destroying noncombatant property without justification.

More than one-third also felt that torture should be allowed to save the life of a fellow soldier or Marine in the survey, which is dated Nov. 17, 2006, but was not publicly released until Friday.

[ cf
DOD survey finds ethical struggle in war
( emphasis mine )]
Ah yes....

... for those Halcyon Days before Stars and Stripes became one more radical left wing extremist clique of defeatist cut and runner appeasers....

The good news, at least, is that we are trying to deal with the Psychological Issues... Who knows, some day americans may decide that the Psychological Health was as important as at least Sports Medicine....

But that way would mean thinking that at least the Veteran's Community had some value at least on par with the True American Gladiators...
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