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UnHoly Iranian Flying Saucer Attack On Our White Christian America!!!!

Can there be any other doubt about what is REALLY GOING ON HERE???
The Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) is under pressure to co-operate fully with disarmament chiefs after declaring an end to its terror campaign.

Even though Prime Minister Tony Blair and Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern saw the renunciation of violence as further strengthening the peace process, decommissioning chiefs, nationalist representatives and clergymen all called for a definitive destruction of the paramilitary organisation's weapons.

Confirmation that the UVF, a ruthless and deadly group responsible for hundreds of murders in Northern Ireland, is to assume a non-military, civilianised role came just days before the restoration of power sharing at Stormont.

The announcement has also led to fresh demands for the larger Ulster Defence Association, still heavily involved in crime, to go down the same route.

[ cf UVF urged to destroy arms ]
Ah Yes, the Gun Grabbing God Haters!!!!

Today the Demons of Devilry DEMAND that Protestants leave themselves naked before the Brutal And Vicious Onslaught of Papist Backed Iranian Flying Sauceres, and in theory the evil liberals whine, that this is merely going to go on in Irealand, and the NEXT thing we Know the Gun Grabbers come over the Ocean to take Guns and Tanks And RPG's and Artillery away from the Cho's Of America simply because the Evil Liberals HATE GOD and want to Destroy Our White Christian America!!!!

Now More Than EVER!!! We must Rally to the Cross and Keep the UVF Armed And Ready to Stop the Papist Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!

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