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More Brutal Repression Of Our White Christian America!!! ( by economists )

Why EVER do they Hate Jesus and Want to make America A Living Hell?
Conservative economist Bruce Bartlett accused President Bush of "bankrupting" America and betraying the Reagan legacy in an interview on PBS's Tavis Smiley Show on Tuesday.

A domestic policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan and a treasury official under President George H.W. Bush, Bartlett assailed Bush's "big government conservatism" and said he was surprised at Bush's policies, despite his campaign pledge to be a "compassionate conservative."

"In 2000 I thought that was election year rhetoric," said Bartlett. "I didn't think it meant anything. I learned the hard way as a lot of us did what he really meant it when he talked about compassionate conservatism."

When asked how the current President Bush compared to his father, Bartlett responded, "If I didn't know with a certainty they were related, I wouldn't think that they were."

[ cf Former Reagan Advisor angry Bush 'bankrupted America' ]
Don't These Shrill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists understand that the nation is in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the unborn, and that any day now, those lazy lay about dead ender Unborn Persons will get up off their BUTTS and start paying their Fair Share!!!!

Besides, as everyone knows, it is not the President's Fault that Radical LEFT WING extremists like Tom DeLay actually thought that the most important thing in a time of war was Tax Cuts!!! How could the president have ever known that there were more Important things that needed to be done???? I mean, one goes into bankruptcy with the Military Forces that one has, not the ones that should have been in place to More Mission Accomplish than ever before!!!
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