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Should American Law Be Legal In America?

Hey Kids, take a sip of this Kool-Aid:
In his own statement, Mr. Boehner said: “When you break the law in pursuit of a political opponent, you’ve gone too far. Members of Congress have a responsibility not only to obey the laws of our country and the rules of our institution, but also to defend the integrity of those laws and rules when they are violated.”
[ cf Court Says Congressman Must Pay Damages (emphasis mine) ]

The fun here is that the central problem is:
A federal appeals court in Washington ruled Tuesday that Representative Jim McDermott, Democrat of Washington, must pay damages to another congressman for giving reporters a tape of an illegally intercepted telephone call.

The case was brought by Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, now the House Republican leader. It arose from a conference call in 1996 in which Newt Gingrich, who was then speaker of the House, discussed how to deal with a finding against him by the House ethics committee. Mr. Boehner participated by cellphone.

A Florida couple, Alice and John Martin, recorded the call using a radio scanner. They delivered the tape to Mr. McDermott, then the ranking Democrat on the ethics committee, who passed it along to The New York Times and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Martins pleaded guilty to intercepting the call and were fined $500 each for violating the federal wiretapping law.

(op cit)
Ah Yes, that Gingrich, and those halcyon days, back before the whole world changed and there was more need for....

Oh yes, that part about how there is the need for State Sponsored Illegal Wire Tapping, and the mandate to use the US Justice Department to go after the opposition political party, and the part where the GAO was suppose to be working on how to help the GOP Election....


Now remind me again why we should be taking a stand for or against the current ruling by the Evil Radical Black Robed Judicial Activist Tyrannts who are legislating from the Bench.... Or are we suppose to be excitedd that finally those Evil Liberal Law Breakers are being brought to task...

It is not aways easy remember how one or the other courses here is more stabbing our troops in the back than the other...
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