drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Great Leader Is Great!!!

All Hail Great Leader
The European Union and the United States agreed on Monday that global warming is an "urgent" priority, and President George W. Bush conceded he must work to convince Russia of the need for a missile shield in Europe.

At a White House summit, Bush, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso also said they were firmly dedicated to reaching agreement on a global trade pact under the often-stalled Doha round of talks.

[ cf EU-U.S. summit call for "urgent" climate action ]
NOTHING says our total commitment to dealing with the mythological global changing crisis like putting forward the ever increasing need for ever increasing mythological weapon systems to protect us from ever mounting mythological weapons!!!!

Only with Great Leader's Laser Death Ray Eyes and His Vorpal Sword can the world be safe from the Beast Rising From the Darkest Pits of Burning Sulphour that opens up in the gapping Hole of Cleveland as it sinks into the abyss of Sinister Leftist Liberalism!!!!!!
Tags: they_did_what, war

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