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Some Things Are Merely A Konikidenk, But Some ARE Konspirakii....

A fierce political battle over a Democratic plan to pull U.S. troops from Iraq is moving toward a critical stage as President George W. Bush prepares to veto it, but talks on a new bill have quietly begun.

The Democratic-led Congress plans to send Bush a bill on Tuesday that gives $124 billion (62 billion pounds) for the Iraq war but requires a pullout to begin by October 1. The White House has said Bush will waste no time in vetoing it.

Harsh rhetoric has marked the debate, with Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada saying Bush has already lost the war and Republicans calling Reid a defeatist.
Democrats will highlight the unprecedented rebuke they are delivering to Bush when they send him their bill on Tuesday, the fourth anniversary of Bush's speech aboard an aircraft carrier declaring the end to major combat operations in Iraq.

As a reminder of the anniversary, antiwar groups are running television advertisements showing footage of Bush on the carrier, decorated with a "Mission Accomplished" banner.

[ cf Iraq war funds fight heads towards new phase ]
Remember kids, that was from the 27th Of April, 2007 - and so it is funny to watch the american press play,
It's News To Me
when they sober up and notice that it will be on the fourth anniversary of the End Zone Dance, that the democrats assert that it is time to finally have that Victory Parade and let the Blue Helmetted One Worlders deal with the trivial details of restoring a Peace Keeping Operation....

Who knows, maybe this year congress will get around to resolving the 2008 FY budget before they leave congress.... Or would that be aiding and abetting the enemy if we went back to paying for what we can afford, and not every GlobalEcoTerrorism of restoring the wetlands everywhere that the president deems it useful to get no bid contracts to his crony's....
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