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Prelude to Book Recommendation

I picked up Richard J. Evans new book "The Third Reich In Power", the 2nd in his trilogy. The first which I am now tempted to pick up, deals with the rise to power. This book starts with a summary of the first and then steps off into the transition of AH getting to be the Chancellor.

The other book I am reading over breakfast is What is the matter with Kansas? by T.C Franks - so the head banging between the two is at times very disconcerting.

Having not finished reading these, I consider this merely a prelude to a book recommendation.

Richard Evan's Book, as the Foreign Affairs Review notes, is 'disturbing' since he takes a good deal of time to work on the types and nature of state sponsored terror that opened the period from 1933 to 1939. I feel I will leave for later my giggle at the current american mythos about the utility of torture in the CSI/24hr model, where there is this need to find the hidden nuke. Since Evan's goes into various cases where torture was used, but clearly was not useful at 'find the nuke'. But was effective at breaking up political opposition. There is the core problem of whether torture is useful for americans or should we finally learn from history. But that is a rant for another time.

So it is in the current context of our friends over at The Mojowire chasing the variations on the new and improved 'stabbed in the back' gambits, coupled with dr_strych9 ongoing questioning
Is it time to defect to the west?
that lead me once more back into reviewing the technical literature.

I personally feel that the current fiasco of the President BLOWING THE COVER on his own wire tap strategy is the sort of folly that suggest that americans should start to feel safe, once the court cases start rolling. So my general sentiment remains that given the opportunity to USE the 'whatever on whomever' to advance the 'one party solution' - the reality seems to be that the current crisis is NOT the one to fear. But those who will come along and decide to cite the current case work as the excuse for future fiasco's.

The Coup of 2012 remains the critical question. Clearly if the 'neocons' can keep selling the 'stabbed in the back' thesis, they may be able to sell the idea that there is only one way to save america. This of course presumes that what is wrong with Kansas remains the guiding light for 'the general masses'. But unfortunately, I am not convinced that the "post Iraqi syndrome sequence" will be any worse than the older 'post vietnam syndrome'.

There is also the core structural problem in the american case, namely that the 'conservatives' in america alledgedly want to defend the US Constitution, and the Federal System. They do not want to restore a Kaiser. As such there is going to be the core problem of whether or not an allignment of political forces around the notion that 'lex rex' is not merely a good idea, IT IS THE LAW. That what other issues we may have, if we lose the law, we have no republic left to talk about.


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