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More Ugly Thoughts...

Hey kids, what if there was no 22nd Ammendment that would allow the President to just walk away from his second term oopises, and say, 'well it is not my fault'....

Would the current crop of Bush Bashers in the GOP, who are NOW all whining about how that Shrilll Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists Tree Hugger In Chief was always a Left Wing EcoTerrorist with his dangerous Klintonesta nation building policies of restoring the wetlands of Iraq, ( just breath, this sentance is still in flight at this time) is just more of the same old Failed Pre-911 Evil Liberal MultiCulturalist God Hating America Bashing Crypto_Commie Pinko Fag Fairey Fellow Travellors who just do not understand the God Fearing All American, all White Christian America, Way of life that God has called this nation out to be the Light Upon The Hill as the One True And Only Beacon of how a Free White Christian America Will Always be More Freer Than Ever Before, and that the Super Secret Patriot Act Powers would have prevented the Destruction of the Freeway in Oakland, if it were not for the Eternal Revolving Door of Justice that keeps allowing Terrorists to just walk away from their personal responsibilities, or would they be Majikally Supporting The President To Support The Troops, because ONLY the Bush Doctrine of being for us or against us, will stop the evil doing evil doers who are evil and doing and ERS!!!

( start rebreathing, and/or upgrade the Gils, since, well, let us be honest, JUST BECAUSE THOSE TYPES of Oxygen Suckers thought this was a great idea, doesn't mean that Evolution actually cares which bad design constraints are genetically replicated by the Idiocracy... )

I mean, seriously. Why should we not keep on staying the course?

It was good enough to win in 2004, when we ran the president against the Incumbent, Peace, Prosperity And Happineff, why should we allow the Wacko Wing of the GOP to get, well, all Wanky....

I mean, do folks really think that the mere constitution is that gooder an idea that we need to hold onto it, even if it means abandoning a War President, and hence stabbing the troops in the back???

Now I will confess, I do not expect that anyone has the Stones to go after the 22nd Amendment. But it does raise the dark ugly about how badly american politics has meandered since it was ratified in February 27, 1951. ( it was passed through congress in March 21, 1947. Ah yes, the wonderland, which is mostly darkest history for some, but gosh... Those where the Bestest Generation EVER that had won the Second World War, and that without having 'under god' addendum for the american pledge of allegiance. ( the gooder news is that while the Brown v. Board of Education ruling would not come out till December of 1954, we had already started the rescue of our white christian america by including the 'under god' bit, that summer... so that every0ne would understand that while the Evil Liberals were going to send their Bible Burning Blue Bellies to Persecute White Christian America with their GodlessNeff, and Unamericanism, at least on the patriotically corrector than though front, the good people got more God Language in the game, even if the Liberals did abandon the Bellamy Salute.)

Gosh, would this be a bad time to talk about the Bellamy salute which I think is just SOOO American, and gosh, don't we just want to restore it as a part of protecting ourselves from the Evil Doing Evil Doers, who are Evil And Doing, And ERS!!!

Ok, so I still like the part with the Flaming Daggers.... but I am Old School Like That....
Tags: election, religion, war

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