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Should Americans Read The Armed Forces Journal....

Especially if say the nation were in a time of Restoring The Wetlands in other nations???

And what would americans have done with say
We put an Army on the battlefield that I had been a part of for 37 years. It doesn't have any doctrine, nor was it educated and trained, to deal with an insurgency. ... After the Vietnam War, we purged ourselves of everything that had to do with irregular warfare or insurgency, because it had to do with how we lost that war. In hindsight, that was a bad decision. ... We have responsibility."

— Gen. Jack Keene, former Army vice chief of staff

[ cf New rules for new enemies ]
that was written by By Lt. Col. John A. Nagl And Lt. Col. Paul L. Yingling back in October of 2006.

Hum... What if americans had thought More about the very issues raised in that article, which, let us be blunt, is really not at all new in the wonderland of folks who have been studying "Counter Insurgency Warfare" for the last 40 years - and had been a central part of the critique of the pending fiasco's of Afghanistan and then Iraq as the nation got into their Saddle Shoes, Pleated Skirts, Angora Sweaters and started all the Rah-Rah the boys are going to go and win one for the Gipper....

Should americans be obliged to know something about 'that military stuff' - and that as a part of the process of resolving IF we are still well within the economic reality of the Old School Tie Republicanism of
"Not a Nickle More For Defense Than Is Needed"
because as actual republicans there IS an actual notion of fiscal responsibility that is central to the process.
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