drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why No fan Fair About the Afghani Parliment Opening?

Given all of the PR the Freepers, Et Al, are bubbling up and over themselves with about how the current election is the most impressive, EVER! There is this dirth of bubbling up and over about Afghanistan.

You do remember Afghanistan.

It was the country where the Taliban was on the way to irradicating the Opium Trade, but now it is the Number One Go Getter. U.S. Gen. James L. Jones, NATO's Top Operational Commander, even lists the drug problem as a bigger problem in Afghanistan than the Taliban Insurgency. But I guess when half of the Parliment is made up of Regional Warlords, well, gosh golly.... Uh... Thank God it's not like we went into Iraq^H^H^H^H Afghanistan to restore democracy, or was it rescue the native wetlands...

Hum. I wonder, what was that reason we went into Afghanistan? Was it to rescue the Christian Missionaries who had been convicted of Prosyltizing. Nope, the President was clear on that, when it was pitched to him prior to 9/11, as not something that would be in the Federal Government's Interest.

So is this really one of those Ugly Cases that no one wants to get up on the band wagon and chant
No Blood For Opiates
so afghanistan and the WhateverOnWhomever there is just, well, a side show to the real WhicheverOnWhomever.

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