drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Fear And Ignorance....

It is a Bit Amusing that there are still folks who are NOT really willing to be open and honest. I will of course complement
Secretary of The Association of United Pagans
A CA Religious Non-Profit Corporation
Taxpayer AND Voter
for offering up that detail.

Never mind the fact that the entry was amusing. Almost self referrentially silly in the context. But as someone else noted
I wonder why ths guy dont delete the "other" comments?

And how come anyone can post?

Strange that this bigoted, racist paranoid lets anyone say anything on a blog entry.

and an Even Smarter Person Noticed
Anyone see this up thair?

"Probably a drive-by who hasn't learned to interpret Drieuxish hypersarcasm yet."

Maybe that "doctor" guy knows something we dont.
So yeah, I'll back my Doc, He's My Man - he is one of the reasons I want to Keep Freaks Like Him WEAPONS FREE....

And IF you are not smart enough to Understand that as A REAL VALUE, then maybe folks may want to work out which part of "service to country" they need to actually revisit in the midst of a Whole Lot Of Other Issues.

But I am amused that They Did What? got the so called Persecuted Types soooo Upset...

Gosh, now if they could work out whom they are really upset at, and how do they want to deal with those types, and what sorts of Positions DO we as americans really want to have in the whole process....

What if "freedom of religion" WAS a really bad Idea, not merely as Law, but as Epistemology? Any of you folks have the Courage of Your Convictions to read either Harris' "End of Faith" or Dennett's "Breaking The Spell"?? Ah yes, if we were to have an actual rational discourse on the matter would it be safe to deal with the God Delusion in any of it's Manifestation???

Ah yes, it is such a fun filled time watching folks well, not do their best...

Who Knows, some day americans may have to wake up in America, and Actually Live There.
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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