drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And Now The Plea Bargining Begins...

Oh how reassuring to know that one can always work out a Plea Bargain deal, and if one is lucky, maybe even get a congressional immunity....
A House panel granted immunity Wednesday to a former Justice Department aide in its probe of the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, while senators authorized a subpoena for the White House's political director.

Monica Goodling, a former aide to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, had invoked her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination and refused to testify before Congress about the firings.

The Justice Department released documents that show Goodling was involved in discussions about which prosecutors would be fired. Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, D-Michigan, said the committee "exhausted all reasonable efforts to obtain Ms. Goodling's critical information" short of offering immunity.

The panel also voted to subpoena Goodling in connection with the probe.

The House Judiciary Committee voted 32-6 to authorize the grant of immunity to Goodling, who resigned earlier this month.

[ cf Former Gonzales aide gets immunity ]
Ok, call me old fashion.

But what is wrong with offering Frau Goodling an All Expense Paid Vacation in Lovely GitMo, or better yet, we could render her off to say Abu Ghraib, until she was willing to explain it all, about who were the Satanists, and where were those Terrorist Cells in the Justice Department....

I mean she would understand that in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the Unborn there are these Special Powers that keep on wandering around....
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