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got MadeForTv....

Are YOU as shocked as I am, that we now learn that this Whole IraqiThingiePooh has been a put up job by the Evil Leftist Liberal Media merely to sell Adverts on TV!!!!!
n Tuesday, former Army Pvt. Jessica Lynch testified in Washington, D.C., about the real story of her capture and rescue while serving in Iraq in 2003.

She spoke before the House Government Reform Committee along with the family of fallen Army Ranger Pat Tillman.

Tillman, a former professional football player who joined the Army Rangers after Sept. 11, was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. At first the military said he was killed by enemy fire and even posthumously awarded him the Silver Star.

Lynch was badly injured when her convoy was ambushed in Iraq in 2003. She was later rescued by American troops from an Iraqi hospital, but the tale of her ambush was changed into a story of heroism on her part.

"It meant a lot, really, it did, especially to come out for the Tillman family," Lynch told The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. "They really need answers. And, you know, they have tons and tons of questions that are just unanswered. And they need that."

[ cf Jessica Lynch Sets Record Straight (emphasis mine) ]

I mean, this sort of Evil Intervention on the part of Congress In MicroManaging The Marketting Of ThatIraqiThingiePooh violates the majikal Special Powers that are Granted to the President's War Lord, who would have been responsible for the actual Truthineff Of ThatIraqiThingiePooh, but at the time the President did not know that one needed a War Lord to Lord of The War, just as we have the War Lord Of Drugs, and the War Lord Of Literacy, who lord over the war on drugs and literacy, respectively....

How Could anyone KNOW that the War Lord Of Marketting was a Required Post???


Hey Kids, what if we work this for like a Three Parter, you know, go with the Whole Trilogy Motif, and in the third episode we find out that Really Saving Private Jessica (reloaded) was actually a prelude to the Glorious Military Victory of the Fighting 101st Keyboardist in ReallySaving Private Jessica (Revolution) - where everyone gets on the Big Bus and Decides that Only By Total Military Victory Over the Advertisers can the President's War Lord be Rescued from The President's Analyst whom we learn was behind all of the Evil Symbolism, and those Yukky Fruedian Widow Maker and Garters...
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