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More Reasons To Massively More Deregulate, or Bong Canada...

Wow, we survived the Evil Liberal Assault on the Sub Prime Mortguage World, and now we are arriving at the next possibly most Coolest Wave of the New Age, New Wave, Dance Craze:
College students, many of whom go deeply into debt to pay for their educations, shouldn't have to worry about the financial advice they get from at least one source - college financial aid officers, who are supposed to be helping them find the best deal. But that long-held expectation increasingly appears naive.

In a still-emerging scandal, numerous college aid offices have been caught conspiring with lenders to carve out sweetheart deals that benefit everybody but the students.

The shady practices include fees to colleges to put lenders on their "preferred" lists; trips and other perks for financial aid officers; and valuable stock benefits for college aid directors.

[ cf Shady practices taint college loan business ]

Maybe NOW more americans will back the Next Cho that The Divine Will Seclects, so that we can all get in on the Next Big Wave about why the Evil Liberal Academic World Of God Hating America Bashers must be stopped, since those sort of places do not Accept the Divinity Of Dubya, and we all know that if a Person Does not accept Dubya as their Personal Lord And Savior, they have no basis for morality and are merely mass murdering Maniacs engaged in Evil Liberal Things....

Oh dear, that might have sounded a bit too harsh, since of course, we all understand that the Divine Will accepts that at times one just has to kill the evil doing evil doers, whether or not one does it with the Welfare Stateist who are on the government payroll, or with paid professionals, or merely the committed Patriotically Corrector Than Thou, who may have hopped on the Old New Wave a bit too soon for most folks....

Or were we suppose to be more excited that the Imaginary Invisible Foot of the Free Market has found more sheep to sheer so that folks have a fatter cash cow.... and that Gosh, wouldn't it be great if we could expand this whole process out to include things like a Future's Market in Patriotism and TheoCratical Correctness, so that if a person were concerned that they were short on Patriotism or TheoCratical Correctness, they would be an Indulgence or Two away from Moral Purity....

You know the Hindu consider the Cow to Be Holy!!!

And in America what can be more Holy than a Cash Cow???
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