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Are YOU doing Your Part???

Some Folks ARE fighting Back AGAINST Evil
MUMBAI (Reuters) - Indian teachers sprinkled cow urine on low-caste students to purify them and drive away evil, reports said on Saturday, in a country where millions of people remain oppressed at the bottom of the ancient Hindu caste system.

Upper-caste headteacher Sharad Kaithade ordered the ritual after taking over from a lower-caste predecessor at a school in a remote village in the western state of Maharashtra earlier this month, the Times of India reported.

He told an upper-caste colleague to spray cow urine in a cleansing ceremony as the students were taking an examination, wetting their faces and their answer sheets, the newspaper said.

"She said you'll study well after getting purified," student Rajat Washnik was quoted as saying by the CNN-IBN news channel. Students said they felt humiliated.

[ cf Teachers "purify" students with cow urine ]

With a Cow!

And How!!!

Thank God, In AMERICA we do not have religious fanatics who would want to use their Religious Dogma to Impose Humiliation on Other Americans, simply because they are Religious Fanatics....

Or is that suppose to be the other way around, and hence, that we should be more supporting the Next Cho, so that Everyone WILL be freed from the evil of the Modern SeXularists who do not support the True Religion...
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