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More Scary Liberal Persecution.

it is interesting to watch the threads over in lrc interesting thread Politically incorrect thought where one of the commentors shows up and drops this Ugly Bomb Into Play
Subject: Guns in the Office

If you intend to get a carry permit and pack heat for self protection, you should keep several things close to mind:

1. Unless you have invested the time and money to be well trained in the defensive use of a handgun, don’t carry one.

2. Unless you are willing to spend the money and time to go to the range and fire your weapon at least monthly and at least a box of ammo at that time, don’t carry one.

[ cf Dealing with guns ]
Ah Yes...

What would america really be like if we started to ship all of the DutyBooty through Boot Camp and got them so past the games that Civilians Play...

ESPCIALLY when we are in a time of 'transfering the tax liability unto the unborn' and so many of those who like the idea of being 'armed coolio' forget what it really takes to do that PROFESSIONALLY where the Work Really Matters!!! And Quality IS Job One, or YOU HAVE NO LIFE!!!

ah yes...

What would it be like for americans to wake up in America, and have to live there...

Who knows, maybe then the NeoCons will start working out if they are more in favor of mere pre-emptive strikes against people who piss you off, or GOSH, what if there were other ways of living with the Brutal And Sinister Evil Liberal American Culture....
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