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Competition, Or Keeping The Free Market Free!!!!!

Ah yes, isn't it good to know that Everyone Loves a Little Friendly Competition.
A 12,000-student school district in northern Californa has been locked down as authorities search for a man who threatened to make the Virginia Tech massacre look “mild” by comparison.

Schools in Yuba City and neighbouring Marysville have tightened security while police search for Jeffery Thomas Carney, 28.

Authorities say Carney told a pastor in Yuba City that he planned a mass killing.

The officials say Carney is homeless but previously lived in Yuba City north of Sacramento.

[ cf School district closed as police search for man they say poses threat ]
Ah yes....

Nothing says ‘God’s love’ like an elite killing machine...

oh yeah, we have heard that slogan before, gosh, golly...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... What IF god were one of us...

But thank GOD we have better things like The Gun Wiki which I got to from the Glorious Happiness of The Wikiality where they are sooo into Truthiness and in this happier, and kinder time when we all know that only Dead Satanic Cult Ritualist Leftist Liberals Are Gunned Down because God has Abandoned them...

So if you are not sure if you will survive the Next Competitive Round of Proving One's True Devotion, have you thought that NOW might be a great time to Accept Dubya as your Personal Lord And Savior???
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