drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Hey Kids, How To Find The Missing WMD's....

Yes Kids, play along with the so called grown ups:
President George W. Bush warned of a possible nuclear arms race in the Middle East if the U.S. pulls out of Iraq too quickly and lets Iran, which has an atomic development program, extend its influence.

Bush, raising the stakes in the debate over U.S. strategy in Iraq, said al-Qaeda and ``surrogates for Iran'' are trying to establish a foothold in Iraq and would gain a safe haven if the country falls into chaos after a U.S. withdrawal.

[ cf Bush Says Quick Exit From Iraq May Spark Mideast Arms Race ]
Ok, now for the Big Brain Strain.

If and when Iraq no longer needs the Protection of the Last Mega Nuclear Super Power, since it no longer wants to be thought of as merely the Rent Boy of the American Heroes, who of course believe in the Manly Man Bills that Make Sure that All True He Man Many Male Men Have REALLY BIG GUNS!!!! You know, so that they no longer are pushed around by the evil wimpy liberals.....

Will Iraq then be allowed to join our Most Favored Friends, Pakistan and India, in a new round of Nuclear Weapons so that we can keep on killing someone over there while not quite being too sure why all of that has not stopped them from killing our folks over here with their Heathen GodlessNeff...

Or will that too be a part of the Reason why we can never Leave Iraq, because if they were to stop being our Rent Boy, we would, uh, have to deal with, well finding a New Rent Boy to be More Manly Male Than EVER!!!
Tags: religion, war

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