drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What IS god trying to tell them???

Hum... Once Again the Evil Liberals embark on one more failed Social Welfare State Engineering Project, precisely because they Hate GOD and Hate God's Divine Will!!!
Canadian coastguards are trying to rescue the occupants of about 100 boats carrying seal hunters trapped by pack ice off the country's eastern coast.

Several of the boats are threatened with damage or sinking, and at least one crew had to abandon ship.

Fishermen have described conditions as the worst for more than 20 years.

[ cf Ice traps Canadian seal hunters ]

So why did GOD choose to trap the Seal Hunters???

Could it be that they needed to be punished for being Liberals who were not basking in the Glow Of The Divine Dubya??? Was it a chance for them to Accept Dubya as their Personal Lord and Savior...

Tags: religion

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