drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Darn Liberals..... ( The Yahoo Wing )

Oh dear, Oh Dear
A human rights group launched a campaign Thursday against Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO) on grounds the U.S. search company assisted China's communist government with torture by revealing information that led to the arrest of dissidents.

The World Organization for Human Rights USA said businesses that operate abroad need to be more aware of their responsibilities.

"They should not be participating actively in promoting and encouraging major human rights abuses," said Morton Sklar, executive director for the Washington-based organization.

[ cf Rights Group: Yahoo Abetted China's Torture of Dissidents ]
Again, it is as if they think that Torture is a Bad Thing!!!

Even worse, since we are talking, politely, about 'dissidents', and we know that is a Liberal Code Word for "Anti State Terrorists Bent Upon The Destruction Of Our White Christian America".

Don't Folks understand that we are in the middle of transferring our tax liabilities unto the UnBorn and that this gives Special Powers to the War President????

Oh, sorry, they problem is Torturing Damn Ferrigners in Damn Ferrigner Land. Well that's different, those folks are just like that you know, they do not have the Warmth and Love that comes from Accepting the Divine Dubya as their Lord and Savior. This is just one more reason why we must WIN the War In China, so that the chinese can be lead to accept the Divinity of Dubya.
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