drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Darn Liberals.....

Well Gosh, Golly, Shock And Scary
IN a final heinous act, gunman Cho Seung-hui used the two-hour gap in his killing frenzy at Virginia Tech to mail out a chilling multimedia package in which he rails against the rich and compares himself with Jesus Christ.
[ cf Cho's sick multimedia manifesto ]
And they make that sound like it is a Bad Thing.....

So why exactly are we ruling this one NOT another Glorious Victory for the Christianists and their Armed Struggle against the Brutal Repression By the Evil Liberals....

As our friends in the UK were ever so chic to pic, they opted for the Trendy Photo of some Pro-lifer at the US Supreme Court with a tape that says "Life" over his mouth... WOW now that is solid symbolism - the Real Life is supressing them....

So really, why isn't this another Great Militarily Glorious Victory For the Christianists???
Tags: religion, war

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