drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Feel The Math....

This is from a friend of mine who is hoping to get into a Recovery Programme, soon, any day now
I used to be a decent looking human being-- a normal guy with hobbies and dream. I was happy, healthy and enjoying life. Then one day, a woman said, "Hey man, you have to try this."

"What is it," I asked.

"Try a little, you'll like it."

I never knew how sorry I'd be after I tried my first hit of deriving third order polynomials.

"Look how easy it is," she said.

It was easy at first, subtracting one from the exponent of my variable and multiplying the coefficient by the old exponent value, then getting rid of stand-alone constants. Where did they go? I had a flash of what I thought was clarity one day-- "This is how we find a tangent line, isn't it?".

"You like that, smart guy? Here, try this out for size."

Then the next thing I knew I was finding antiderivatives. Her Siren song lured me farther and farther down the rabbit hole until doing math was all I could think about.

She turned me on to this transcendental thing called e and the next thing I knew, I was trying to find out why ln(e^x) was e^x . I lost touch with my friends. I stopped watching TV. My cat didn't even want to be around me. Regardless of my grades, I had to keep going until I figured it all out.

It started consuming my life. It's too late for me-- I've succumb to the ravages of math.

Please, if you know someone in a similar situation please help them. Let them know that they're cared about; take them to a movie or out for a walk. Just do ANYTHING to keep them off of math.
Oh The HORROR!!! The Shame!!!

I tried to warn people that we as a modern society should not allow the untrained to be near "Military Grade Mathematics" since clearly it is a scary and dangerous world...

Are YOU doing your part to keep Americans Safe from the grave and Growing Threat of Math!!!! Which is one of the Leading Causes of Rational Thought!!!!


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