drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Evidence From Torture To Be Allowed In Military Tribunals

Hey kids, check this out from fafblog it seems that the current administration has decided that Dick was only kidding about needing torture to get a woody. But it may still be the case that the current administration will want to allow evidence acquired under torture to be allowed into the Military Tribunal Process.

As most of you salt water lawyers already know, this is Fabulous! Since the Military Tribunal System is either a part of the American Military Law System, and hence under american law, or the Greatest Military Leader EVER! has gitMo'd himself again, forgetting that the US Military is, well, American, and actually under american law. Or it could mean that the New And Improved Family Friendly Military Tribunal System will be offshored to some other military police state, hey kids, why Not North Korea, where it will not be bogged down in defeatist tendencies like the American Law!

As those who have been following the Governments ongoinng Fumbles With Federalism And The Law, they had that oopsie moment with the 'dirty bomber' and decided to indict him in a federal court, in the hope that they would not have to respond to the US Supreme Court on those nasty little questions about why was the administration detaining an american citizen in the American Military System as if it were, well, not a part of the american military legal system, and hence exterior to American Law!

I know that a lot of this is pretty technical. And yes, I can understand that this may be hard to follow for those without active duty military time and all that. But Hey, Try To BECOME at least Conversant in that Military Stuff while we are more or less at that war tyme stuffeth.

Why who knows what next.

The Law Lords in the USofA may have to finally follow in the wake of the Black Robed Tyrannts In The UK and decide whether or not the greatest military leader EVER!!! has the divine right to define adminissible evidence, or whether that is something best left to people who are at least conversant in both the law, and specifically, american military law. You know, folks with active duty time.

I mean I'd hate to think that we were facing another Attack of The Fab Mop Heads, but this time they don't bring us traditional american roots music electrified, but those Skanky Wings from the Bench! I mean, do we really want to learn that the Law Lords are more popular than Jesus? I mean do we want to watch Scream Idolatrous Teenage Girls Swooning Over the New British Invasion?

I mean we could have our own all american alternative to the Law Lords, the legal equivolent of the Monkees....


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