drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why NOT a space based defense????

Yes, I know, so many whiney Liberals who just do not want to deal with putting tonnes and tonnes of Hydrogen Bombs in Outspace as a way for Americans to Rain Down The Love on the Unbelievers.

But think what could have happened on 09/11/2001, if only the Evil Whiney Liberals had Embraced The Divinity of Dubya, and accepted him as their Personal Lord And Savior!!!

Why as soon as the First Threat to the WTC In NYC had been identified by Space Command, it could have swong into Action and started to Rain Nuclear Bombs down on the Jetliners - I figure about 8 to 10 thermonuclear devices would have been enough to show those Hijackers that we were Serious!!!! Then, yes, I understand that there was a lot of ambiguity about where those other planes were, and were they more or less of a Threat!

So Yes, maybe a little Carpet Bombing of Nuklear Weapons From Outerspace, from about Delaware to Detroit, would have made sure that we actually GOT THEM!!! and all of their silent cell fellow Travellors!!!!

That would have put the Whole World On Notice that you do not merely triffle with the USofA without serious consequences!!!!

Now that we know that would have been the better path, clearly it is time for all americans to Rally To The President, and Bask In The Warming Glow that Comes from the Divinity Of Dubya, and the reassurance that we live in a country that is not afraid to use Massive Technological OverKill, the way that jesus would want.
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