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Why We Must Win The War In Iran.... (again)

The Clear And Compelling Escalations
Attackers slit the throats of three people, including a German, at a Turkish Bible publisher's on Wednesday, officials said, the latest attack on minorities in mainly Muslim Turkey.

The victims were found with their hands and feet bound, said Halil Ibrahim Dasoz, governor of the southeastern province of Malatya where the attack occurred.

Four people were detained in connection with the attack and one person, who fell from the building and was considered a suspect, was taken to hospital with head trauma, he said.
The killings come as political tensions rise between the powerful secular elite, including army generals and judges, and the religious-minded AK Party government over next month's presidential elections.
This year Armenian-Turkish editor Hrant Dink was shot dead by an ultranationalist youth. Dink was also from Malatya.
"In some ways the situation has improved because we have got legal rights ... but there are parts of society which have become radicalized," Madrigal, whose Istanbul church has police protection since the Dink murder, told Reuters

[ cf Three killed at Turkish Bible publishers ]
What More DOOO Americans Need???

Clearly Unless we have the Most Totally Gloriously Ever Most Victorious Of All Victories over Iran, then these sorts of Sectarian Violence Things could be happening in other places...

I mean, would we want them Damn Ferrigners coming to America To Kill Americans??? Or to Convert them away from the True Belief In The Divinity Of Dubya as the Arguments From Intelligent Design Demands???
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