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Should America Balkanize First?

Anyone who can look around, will notice that there are really only three of the old school imperial structures left in their Old Form - The Han Chinese, The Indians, and The Cowboys Of America. I will say that while I think that ronebofh has a Neat Idea in his attention current and prospective californians I fear that once again the Evil Liberals have not really thought through the Actual Economic Realities that need to be addressed in Balkanizing.

Yes, Ok, so I still have DEEP EMOTIONAL SCARS from "The Sound Of Music" and the problem of having a newly land locked Naval Captain stuck in Salsberg, and unwilling to take up a billet with the New KreigsMarine.... But that IS a part of what will need to be worked out, as Americans sort out where DOOOO they really want to stand.

{ would this be a bad time to worry folks that while most of southern california has been able to shift a bit away from being the Totally Captive Puppets of the Military Industrial Complex, we are stilll, as a state, having to deal with the on going collapse of the Military Industrial Complex - a la:
Lockheed Martin is taking hits right and left -- criticism of its newly designed presidential helicopter, the unusual Navy cancellation of a multimillion-dollar combat ship and losing its shared oversight role on a Coast Guard project worth billions.

Wall Street so far has shrugged at the missteps of the nation's top defense contractor, since its bottom line won't be hurt in the near term. But Lockheed executives are worried, experts say, and not just about the negative headlines. The Democrat-led Congress is scrutinizing defense spending more closely and each time Lockheed stumbles it gives rivals an opportunity to horn in on its business.

[ cf Lockheed setbacks raise questions ( emphasis to SCAR The Evil Liberal Spend Thrifts)
There is also the Growing Threat to the Mass Marketting of "More At War Than Ever Before" as in
The Coast Guard will decommission eight recently built patrol boats because the ships suffer from hull deformations and other problems that would be cost-prohibitive to fix, officials said Tuesday.

The decision to scrap the ships — eight 123-foot Island Class patrol boats that were refurbished between 2003 and 2005 — is the final nail in the coffin for the long-beleaguered program. The vessels were never fully operational and their troubles became central in a debate over the Coast Guard’s handling of its Deepwater modernization program.

[ cf Coast Guard to decommission troubled 123s ]
Oh Heavens!!!!

You mean the Reality of the Actual Needs of the Actual Military Should ACTUALLY take precedence over the mere transfer of the tax reciepts to the Truly Needy in the Military Industrial Complex!!!! Oh Heavens!!! }

So there are a whole BUNCH of issues that I think may be more ammeniable to an actual sound economic analysis, than merely the Optomism that an Economic Free Happy Thought might some how provide just the majik to make it all go gooder...

Yes, I know, the whole Californication Crisis is culturally comical and scary all at the same time. But try to cope with the reality that the longest time with the same postal address had been the State of Hawai'i - where I also happened to return to finally graduate from College. So I am perchance a bit more aware of their Desire to return to being the Kingdom of Hawai'i - and not one more Business Oligarchy 'republic' that gets absorbed by the American Imperialist and their Great White Fleet - a part of the current "US out of California" comedy that has less historical grounding, and even less thought about what sort of State/nation/Territorial Rule would be used in lieu of the current Config.

And yes, the other Dog in the Fight that I must confess to is that my Grandfather moved to california to teach at Cal Tech back in the Dark Old Days of Miliken's Monestary - and my mother ran off to Oregon - and would spend large chunks of her life whining about the Horror of all of those Southern Californians Californicating Oregon... Details, Details, life gets like that at times, eh no?
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