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That Hard Wilsonianism, it's Hard That Way...

Ok Kampfr's I am reading America At The CrossRoads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy in the paperback, and Gosh, I really feel sorry for Francis Fukuyama since it is a real rough sell trying to explain how one can be a "hard" Wilsonianism, when amongst the requirement is that one abandon the Core Wilsonian Notion that we must be working to create viable League Of Nations as an Actual Alternative to merely more wars.

But hey, in a day and age in which we live with the notion that it is Law, IF and Only IF it is something specifically that the President has not formally actually run away from...

I do so love the NY Sun's take:
If success has a thousand fathers and failure is an orphan, it is no wonder that the number of intellectuals willing to endorse the Iraq war is shrinking fast. For the small but significant camp of pro-war liberals, the decision to support the American invasion of Iraq was always deeply conflicted, a matter of weighing security concerns and humanitarian promise against the dangers of unilateralism and militarism.
The real man-bites-dog story comes when a self-proclaimed neoconservative, a genuine Middle East hawk, decides that the war was a mistake. That is why Francis Fukuyama's recent New York Times Magazine essay, "After Neoconservatism," created such a stir. Mr. Fukuyama, after all, has long been one of the most prominent neoconservative policy intellectuals. As he writes in "America at the Crossroads" (Yale University Press, 240 pages, $25), the new book from which his essay was excerpted, he has worked or studied with most of the leading neoconservatives, both in and out of government: Paul Wolfowitz, Allan Bloom, William Kristol, Albert Wohlstetter. Most important, he is the author of "The End of History and the Last Man," a book both celebrated and reviled as the classic neoconservative verdict on the Cold War.

[ cf The Tactical Retreat of an Apostate ]
Gosh, those Sinners Must Be Burned At The Stake under the TheoCon Dogma of Kaffir, since any apostate has clearly become a Pawn Of Satan, and must obviously be stabbing the troops in the Back!!!!!

On The Lighter Side there is of course
The fiasco in Iraq was predictable, and so was the defection of Francis Fukuyama from the neo-conservative camp. There have always been two Francis Fukuyamas: the ideologue who elevated the fleeting moment of American supremacy at the end of the Cold War into the end of history, and the sober policy analyst who for many years produced research papers for the Rand Corporation and other think tanks on subjects such as democratic transition in South Africa and the political prospects of the post-Brezhnev Soviet Union. As a realistic analyst, Fukuyama seems always to have harboured doubts about regime change in Iraq, and as the country descended into chaos it was to be expected that the analyst would at some point take over from the ideologue.
[ cf After the Neo-Cons: America at the Crossroads, by Francis Fukuyama ]
But then again the independent has always been a Bastion of Satanic Devil Worshipping God Hating America Bashers who have been actively stabbing the troops in the Back as a core part of their on going efforts to get fresh virgin blood.

I of course HIGHLY recommend the book, if for no other reason than to go through the fun of reading the update to the preface that is the "value add" of getting this book in paper back, as he still tries to act as if there was no real way that anyone really could have taken the sort of time that would have been required to notice that the FruitBats were basically off getting Wakier And Wakier...

It is so not clear if Fukuyama can actually see where he is becoming Ironic, in a comically, giggly, Talk.Bizarre Big Boys Big Blow Out sort of way.

Which I think is probably the worst tragedy in it all.

UPDATE: Scary Thought Here, does the Christian Century Hate Jesus, Or What?
The rats are deserting a sinking ship. The war in Iraq has long divided the American left between antiwar refuseniks and Humvee liberals and split the American right between paleoconservative isolationists, realpolitik realists and neoconservative imperialists. Now the war has begun to shatter the ranks of the neoconservatives themselves—the faction that, above all, gave us this disaster.

The most prominent neoconservative turncoat is Francis Fukuyama, he of the prophecy of an "end to history" and the eventual triumph of liberal democracy—a forecast that played no small part in the neoconservative project of a war to make the Middle East safe for Halliburton and Republican political consultants. America at the Crossroads is his apologia for apostasy.

He has much to regret. Fukuyama, along with such luminaries as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Scooter Libby, was a founder in 1997 of the Project for the New American Century, whose statement of principles provided the Bush Doctrine of preventive war and coercive regime change with its first draft. Shortly thereafter, he was among those calling upon the Clinton administration to consider military action to topple Saddam Hussein, and then complaining months later when their plea was unavailing.

[ cf Second thoughts
A neocon backs off on Iraq
Gosh, things are SOOO Tough All Over....

and for those who may want to forget, the web site Project for the New American Century is still there, the wiki has info at Wiki PNAC and gosh kids, what if we all may have to deal with the ongoing failure to understand the fundamental paradigm shifts since the cold war ended, and all of the kids who kept wanting to Correctly Re-Win The Battle Of Kursk the way it SHOULD have been won, will gosh, have to find some other Sugah Daddy to pay for their Fantasy Free For All...
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