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Stopping Devil Worshippers....

Ah yes, first off there is that comedy that the Judge in the Padilla Case will allow Prosecutors to Mention 09/11/2001 - and we can of course hope that they will also be able to show that Padilla was behind The Hindenburg Distress, the Great Train Misplacement, and is a Personal Friend of Eddy Kruger, who is, as eeveryone knows, Freddy Kruger little brother, and, that is not all, was in a Love Triangle with GodZilla and Hillary Clinton.

But then we get this winner
The State Department says U.S. officials are closely monitoring the Russian crackdown on opposition supporters, which it calls disturbing and inconsistent with the Moscow government's stated commitment to democratic values.

The comments here came after Russian police beat peaceful anti-government protesters over the weekend in Moscow and St. Petersburg and arrested hundreds of demonstrators, including opposition figure Garry Kasparov.

The former world chess champion, among about 200 people arrested in Moscow Saturday, was released after several hours in police custody.

[ cf US Says Break-Up of Russian Protests Disturbing ]
Okay, so the Chess Guy....

Uh, explain to me why Stomping the Kack Out of Dissidents is a bad thing?

No, I am serious. Please DO explain to me what is wrong with a little Police State Riot against the Evil Doing Types who would wish to Peacefully Assemble and protest against the Government, were a Bad Thing???? I mean where does it say that Civilians should feel free in their person to be able to get together with other Anti-State Terrorists Bent Upon the Destruction Of Our White Christian America with their God Hating America Bashing!!!!


Don't Folks Understand that we are in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the Unborn, and that Collateral Damage Occurs....

Ooopsie, they tell me that the Police Riot was in Russia, and the Rioters were Russian.

Which I guess explains why such would be badder than if it were to occur here in america, where all True Americans Have Accepted The Divinity Of Dubya and bask in his warm SunShine of Love, and pre-emptive Retaliatory Nuclear First Strike.....
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