drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But the Stab In The Back IS already here.

Our friends over at the Mojowire are confused about "stabbed in the back" since there is this generic notion that some how things are 'changing'. No, not really. I would highly recommend that folks take the time to read the article, and click on through the references as well.

Several months back I had been talking about the need to work out the "post iraqi situation syndrome" so that americans could get on the same page about why this is more devestating that the "vietnam syndrome" that had first been killed with the liberation of Kuwait, and gosh, came up again as something that needed to be killed again so that we could put boots on the gground in Iraq, for which ever is the current reason we needed to do that.

So it is actually gooder to see that we are starting to see some formalization of this proces. Some americans got to see the preliminary work out of the framework with the 'swift boaters for bloviation' - we can only hope that now more than ever all americans will be more engaged in doing their part to hunt down the evil enemies of the state who are at this very moment stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the back!!!

For those of you who were following the post vietnam era for the last 30 years, just rinse, lather and repeat.

The only relevant question is whether the current effort to do the whole 'stabbed in the back' will do any more for rallying the american voters who are like so bored of ThatIraqiThingiePoo to the cause of which ever is the policy position that the current government believes is the only way to protect our troops from the domestic politics of expediency and desperation.


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