drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Does It Matter if We "legislate for defeat or victory"???

No seriously.

I mean the Prez, and posse, pleading for more buckage,
President George W. Bush, facing an impasse with Congress over Iraq-war funding, stepped up pressure on lawmakers, warning that they would ``legislate defeat'' by insisting on a deadline for withdrawal.

Bush chided Democrats for failing to act on the emergency spending for the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan that he requested 70 days ago. The Congress, he said, is making ``unreasonable demands'' for a timetable in the war and harming troop readiness by delaying the money.

[ cf Bush Says Setting Timetable Would `Legislate Defeat' (Update1) ]
he, well almost makes it sound like it is a Bad Thing....

But can anyone really remember which of the Current Staying the Stay The Course Course is still the alledge Plan that a serious Speculation Would Conjecture was Near to A Plan Like Related Activity Programme?

Or would that complicate the process of talking about why it is that the Currrent Failed Clintonesta Nation Building Programme is still as Bad A Failed Clintonesta Nation Building Programme as the Last Failed Clintonesta Natiion Building Programme.... Or was the last one mostly not as bad as the one before, but we try not to get bogged down in facts...
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