drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

They Say It Like It IS a bad Thing...

Ok, so everyone has a bad hair day every now and again, and accidentally does a bit of Ethnic/Sectarian Cleansing!!! Do we really want to make such a Big DEAL out of it???</blockquote>A member of Somalia's transitional government has accused Ethiopian troops in the capital Mogadishu of committing genocide since arriving in December.

The accusations came from Hussein Aideed - a former Somali warlord who is the deputy prime minister of the transitional government.
Mr Aideed is a former warlord and an influential member of the Hawiye clan - the dominant clan in Mogadishu.

[ cf Ethiopia in Somali 'genocide' row ] </blockquote> And they make it sound, like Such a Bad Thing...

Hey Kids, what if we offered Mr. Aideed a role as the War Czar for the Americans?

I mean he has the training, he has all the qualifications, and it would sure be nice to be able to blame someone else other than the usual crew of NeoCon/TheoCon/Contractors and Lost Email That the Pet Dragon Frodo Ate with it's +6 Dragon's Teeth, for all of the things that are Just NOT cool in the world...
Tags: war

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