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We have Good News
It is vital we recognize and ensure that the burdens of war are shared equally by our active duty, National Guard and Reserve forces. To a great extent, this has been achieved and validated by the battlefield performance of these modern-day heroes, who are also enlisting and staying in the military in nearly record numbers. They are truly our next greatest generation. We must, however, continue to examine our mobilization and utilization policies for all these forces.

To do this, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, soon after taking office, directed immediate changes in our mobilization and use policies. Goals were established for how often and for how long we deploy both our active and Reserve components. Our goal is to have our active duty forces rest for two years following a one-year deployment and our Reserve forces return to their employers and family for five years following a one-year mobilization.

[ cf 'We have reduced stress' ( emphasis added for stressor ) ]
Whew!!! There for a moment I was concerned these freaks might want to get the NATION involved in Balancing the Burdens of "mostly more at war than ever before" - and that way could UNDULY lead to brutal stressors on the VOCHAS and the rest of WarBloggistan, if they ever had to stop sitting on their face long enough to put on a uniform.



But then we get this Wonderland
"Even the highest morale is eventually undermined by back-to-back deployments. Something has to give and it's giving. Resources are overstretched. Frustration is up, as families are separated and strained. Morale is down. Recruitment is more difficult. And many of our best people in the military are headed for civilian life."

A quote from a 2008 presidential contender, blasting President Bush for stretching the U.S. Army to the breaking point?

No, that's then-candidate George W. Bush in September 1999, criticizing Bill Clinton for overextending the military in deployments to places such as Bosnia and Kosovo.

[ cf Strains on ground forces limit U.S. options in Iraq ]
Why Gosh!! Golly!!!! Gee Whiz!!!

If there is stress on our troops, and all of that jazz, and that is limiting our options in Iraq - how ever are we going to Keep the Liberals from Stabbing Our Troops In The Back who are at this very moment most gloriously and most Herorically WINNINGESTLY against the Iranian Flying Saucers In The Most Holy of Wars In IRAN!!!!

IF we will not support the troops for total victory in Iran, then How will we stop the Iranian Flying Saucers if they come here!!!!

Gay Marriages!!! Pirate Canadianists!!!! Culture of Death!!! Liberalism!!! HomoSexuals!!! Cats and Dogs Living Together!!!
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