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Deep Religious Thoughts....

Hey kids, who said
I do not think you want to leave the safety of your soul in the hands of a man who got a 'C' in Apologetics
Well maybe that is not half as important as the new Progress in Faith Based Reality!!!

Yes folks the New Federal No Cyber Freak Out Left Behind Report Card is In:
The U.S. departments of Defense and State received F grades, and Homeland Security a D, in the latest scorecard measuring their information security measures.

The Department of Homeland Security's 2006 grade improved slightly from 2005, when it received an F. Representative Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican, said it was "troubling" that three of the main agencies fighting terrorism received low grades again in their compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act. FISMA, passed in 2002, evaluates agency cybersecurity efforts in a number of areas.

[ cf U.S. Agencies Fail Cybersecurity Tests ]

oh sorry, This is your Security on Reality, and this is Your Security On Faith Based Detachment There from for the fine folks who got their gigs based upon their hatred of the Evil Liberal Education system and not only it's GOD HATING Evolution - but that SINISTER SATANIC ZERO!!! Which the Arabs Imposed On Christians as a part of their Main Force Efforts To Destroy WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA!!!!!

You do not see Jesus Using Zero In the Bible, so why should True Believers!!! Besides, if there is going to be anything really serious - then Jesus will call all of the true believers up into the Air....

So Don't YOU Feel SAFER NOW??? Especially as you shift to using Binary Coded Roman Numerals, without those Demon Infested Zero's!!!! So all the Bits Are TOTALLY BAKED!!! Because they are all High All The Time!!!

Bong Hitz 4 Jesus
It's Not Just For BreakFast Any More!!!
Those fine folks providing your national security cyber protection, sure know how to make those Alice B's just the way that Granny Franny Freak did back in the Summer Of Love when Even Reagan Was Telling Everyone to come on down and DO your thing...

Oh this message just in, the Brown Acid is Bad, it will not really stop the internet Worm, but may help you if those Whiley Space Worms Come Back....

But Otherwise, TOTALLY!!!
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