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Support Your Local Greatest War Heroes EVER!!!

Yes, the PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANITY by the Shrill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists continues as they Attack the Valiant All American Fighting 101st Keyboarders
Is there any tag team capable of doing more damage to the truth than over-eager warbloggers enlisting with gossip guru Matt Drudge? The two factually challenged camps joined forces last week in an effort to slime CNN's Iraq reporter Michael Ware by spreading the bogus story that he'd heckled Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) during a Baghdad press conference. It actually took less than one day for the malicious falsehood to be debunked. And in the end, Drudge and the warbloggers -- those bitter, pro-war, dead-enders -- simply made April fools of themselves for peddling the concocted tale.

But before the embarrassing hiccup fades into oblivion, it's helpful to detail the events in order to really understand the willful disconnect warbloggers have with reality, and particularly when it comes to smearing journalists trying to cover the deadly fighting in Iraq. Even a week after Drudge's blunder, warbloggers were still clinging to dubious evidence to support their smearing of Ware.

It's also instructive because despite being wrong about the war for four years running, warbloggers still retain an unfortunate amount of media influence, thanks in part to the fact that the mainstream press refuses to detail the warbloggers' blatant failings.

[ cf Drudge + warbloggers = foolery ]
Doesn't that just make you sick that some Freak is so OPPOSED to the True War Heroes, the very War Bloggers who have made the Failed Clintonesta Nation Building Project Of Restoring The Iraqi Wetlands the very Basis for More Tax Cuts so that we can Completelly Offload the Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn!!!

But do those Attacking the War Bloggers ever THINK about how much safer America IS in this Fact Free Culture, knowing full well, that No Imaginary!! No Actual Real Imaginary, Nor Any Ersatz Synthetic Imaginary Iranian Flying Saucer would EVER dare to attack America while the War Bloggers are around...
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