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Does Not Play And Kill Well With Friends.

The United States urged Turkey on Thursday to refrain from launching cross-border raids against Kurdish guerrilla bases in neighboring Iraq, although it agreed the rebels "need to be dealt with."

The assistant secretary of state for Europe, Dan Fried, made the appeal in a telephone call to Turkish Ambassador Nabi Sensoy after Turkey's army chief argued publicly in favor of a military incursion into northern Iraq to crack down on Kurd rebels there, US officials said.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Fried told the envoy such incursions were "an option that everybody should work to avoid."
"Clearly the terrorist activities of the PKK are completely unacceptable," he said. "They are a terrorist group and they need to be dealt with."

[ cf US urges caution after Turkish army threatens operation into Iraq ( emphasis mine ) ]

Wasn't The Kurdistan Section suppose to be the Crown Jewel of the Great Plan to Restore the Wetlands to Iraq???

And now it is a place that needs to be dealt with...

Is Dan Fried a little Baked Or What?

And when we say that the terrorists are a Terrorist Group, and they need to be dealt with, is that like the concern we show here in america where we let them go even if they have VIOLATED our Moral Purity with their Evil Illegeal Immigrant Status, just so long as they are still killing for Jesus... if you know what we mean. ( What was that Cuban Turned Venezuellan who blew up planes, he had a name, gosh, but it escapes me, sorta like his last bolt from detention... )
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