drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Devil Worshippers Do The Divine Foot Of The Market Place

WOW! I thought I would elivate madmerle comments:
Whereby drieuxster does a really neato qool mashup of The Ninth Configuration's Cutshaw God=Foot and Herman E. Daly's Invisible Foot of the Market, which is counter to Adam Smith's Invisible Hand:

Adam Smith's "invisible hand" leads private self-interest unwittingly to serve the common good. The "invisible foot" leads private self-interest to kick the common good to pieces. Private ownership and private use under a competitive market give rise to the invisible hand. Public ownership with public restraint on use gives rise to the invisible hand (and foot) of the planner. Depletion has been partially restrained by the invisible foot. It is therefore not surprising to find limits occurring mainly on the pollution side.

[ cf Towards a New Economics: Questioning Growth ]

(No, I did NOT read the entire article, drieux -- I don't have your intestinal fortitude when it comes to these dry, pedantic tomes...)

And remember, with Faith Based Solutions, the atoms in other things besides water start to have manners, so they will allow us to walk thru walls and find those Hidden Sons of Saddam Hussein, who are sons, and hiding, and in the walls...

Sorry, got a little drieuxishly w-w-w-wonky there... Time to up the voltage a bit...
Oh dear....

I am so not sure I want to know about the Hidden Sons Of Saddam Hussein that are sleeper cells sleeping in the walls between the atoms....

But I may have to start a Holy War Against those who do not understand that the Same Imaginary Invisible Hand of the Market Place is the Same as the Imaginary Invisible Foot of the Market Place, since fisting and footing are very deeply moving experiences for young and impressionable market places.
Tags: bong_hitz_4_jesus, economics

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