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Unholy Terrorism By Mere Plebian Masses!!!

Ah yes... it was TOTALLY FRIGHTENING that the Radical Left Wing Extremist Clique on Blomberg News were openly stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the back because they allowed on these EVIL PEOPLE who were asserting that the problem with corporations offering lip service to a "passenger's bill of rights" is that they have done this before, and it will last until they decide to take it away.

Where as these BRUTAL AND VICIOUS TERRORISTS believe that if it were implemented in law, then it would have the full force of LAW, and not be a nicity or amenity. AS IF these VICIOUSLY SAVAGE TERRORISTS want to impose the Vast Monstrous Black Robed Judicial Activist Tyranny on White Christian America.

In a related view, the Folks over at the CATO institute offer a more 'civilized' approach
In February, a planeload of JetBlue passengers spent eight well-documented hours stuck on the tarmac. It took Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California) only three days to respond. Her thought: an "Airline Passenger Bill of Rights." She doesn't want to amend the U.S. Constitution to protect us from unwarranted impediments to life, liberty, and the pursuit of aisle seating. But the grandiloquence of the bill's title is revealing—rather than answering a policy need, the new measure simply reflects Congress's there-ought-to-be-a-law mentality.

Boxer's bill would create a passenger "right" to food, water, adequate restroom facilities, and an option to deplane if a flight is delayed longer than three hours. It's no surprise that in the wake of the JFK debacle, JetBlue issued its own "Customer Bill of Rights," providing everything the Boxer bill mandates plus various forms of compensation—and that's a move other airlines may want to mimic.

[ cf Bill of Wrongs ]

Or would this be the really wrongest time to point out that while some have a deeply religious belief in the Majikal And Mystical Powers of the Invisible Imaginary Foot of the Market - uh, we are also watching that problem with the "contractors" who have been showing the highest DESERTION RATE over in Iraq, as they keep on both Bugging Out and still wanting to get paid for Bugging Out...

So What about the problem where, gosh, some things might be ammenable by means of reasonable statutory practices..... Gosh, What An Idea - a meeting of american representatives who were committed to outlining the framework in which americans would interact with other americans....

WAY TOO RADICAL!!!!! Way tooo Clearly Shriall Hysterical Angry Radical Extremism BENT upon Stabbing our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back as a Part of The Secret Gay Conspiracy to Destroy our White Christian America....

But seriously FOLKS!!! Only Devil Worshipping Satanist Who Oppose The Divinity Of Dubya would seek to impose the mere Laws of Man upon The Divine Creations of Corporate America which is the Glowing Reflection of the Basking Beauty Of the Divine Aura Of the Divinity Of Dubya!!!!
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