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Speaking Of State Sponsored Terrorism...

Ah yes, what EVER will americans do...
Before some 30 of his supporters representing various groups preaching the use of terror against Cuba, Luis Posada Carriles – still not accused of terrorism, in violation of a number of international conventions – offered a property valued at $2.5 million as guarantee for his bail application.

According to news agency reports, the hearing before Judge Kathleen Cardone in El Paso, Texas, took place in the presence of at least 30 representatives of Cuban exile organizations in California and Miami.

The organizations identified included the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association (Brigade 2506) headed by assassin and CIA agent Félix Ismael Rodríguez Mendigutía; the Independent and Democratic Cuba of drug trafficker Hubert Matos; and the so-called Cuban Political Prisoners Council, of the notorious terrorist Reinaldo Aquit.
District Attorney Paul Ahern stated that there was no guarantee that Posada would remain under house arrest, given that he escaped from a Venezuelan jail in 1985 after being charged with the attack on the Cuban aircraft and traveled on false passports on a number of occasions.

With surprising frankness, Hernández responded that those passports were facilitated by the U.S. government, which was aware of his existence at least when Posada Carriles was a CIA informer.

Nobody denied that assertion.

[ cf Alpha 66 present at Posada hearing ]
Ah yes...

Do americans want to work out which is their position on what again???

Please, do tell....

Especially as this can get married into that whole "undocumented worker" issue in ways that make the whole story a truly great moment for a Full On Free For All....
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