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Ah yes, that Treason Wanking....

Hum... Is it funny or what...
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be charged with violation of the Logan Act for conducting unauthorized foreign policy of the United States and for treason. Her specific action of using her position as the third in line for the Presidency to legitimize a terrorist-sponsoring dictator in Syria’s Bashaar Assad and to destabilize American foreign policy objectives should at the very least land her in a Federal Grand Jury investigation. This, combined with Pelosi’s history of trying to undermine the war effort, and through her actions aid the terrorist enemy’s cause, clearly deserves magnified scrutiny under the Constitution’s Article III Section III which defines treason as adhering to or giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
These are signs of the decline of a nation because its people embrace wickedness rather than righteousness in selecting immoral leadership. Either demand righteousness or watch this nation under God face decline and death.

[ cf Pelosi Must Face Charges For Sake Of The Nation
(update: Tasty Bit Added with Emphasis Added For Specialneff...) ]

A nation that we do intelligence renditionings to is now an Enemy....

WOW, dude, the Colours...

What IF christianists HAD to live in a nation of Laws and not of personages???

Mean while the Evil Liberal Media is working on how do they do Reality
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has come under heavy fire on a number of fronts over her trip to Damascus and her meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad -- an enemy of the United States, according to the Bush administration. But Syria insists it is no foe.
... .

But if we look to history as a guide, the House speaker is more than right in talking to the "enemy." There are numerous precedents of the United States or its allies talking to groups or countries with which they were at war.

Even during the darkest days of the Cold War when relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were at their chilliest, Washington and Moscow had installed a "red phone" between the two capitals to allow quick and easy access between the leaders of the free world and those of what President Reagan once called the "evil empire." The red phone was installed in case of urgent need for the leaders to communicate and to avoid having a crisis grow into a reason for a major confrontation.

During the Algerian quest for independence from France in the 1960s, Paris held secret talks with members of the National Liberation Front, or the FLN as it was known by its French acronym. And these talks were going on while the FLN was setting bombs and attacking and killing French troops as well as civilians in Algeria.

In Vietnam, during the conflict in Southeast Asia, U.S. officials had engaged in talks not only with the North Vietnamese, but with the Vietcong, too.

[ cf Analysis: Syria is not a U.S. enemy ]

You mean that there may exist a reality that is external to the speach utterance behavior of the Divine Manifestaion of the Divine Decider???

How EVER could actual american history be any indication of the Actual Historical Context in which actual american actions are actually to be evaluated???

Isn't Mere Blind Faith in The Great Leader On The White Horse Enough???

What IF Americans Had to Wake Up IN AMERICA, and actually live there...
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