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Are You Secretly Hiding Your Inner International Terrorists?

ah yes, you could be MORE of a terrorist than you thought:
Tom Kubbany is neither a terrorist nor a drug trafficker, has average credit and has owned homes in the past, so the Northern California mental-health worker was baffled when his mortgage broker said lenders were not interested in him. Reviewing his loan file, he discovered something shocking. At the top of his credit report was an OFAC alert provided by credit bureau TransUnion that showed that his middle name, Hassan, is an alias for Ali Saddam Hussein, purportedly a "son of Saddam Hussein."

The record is not clear on whether Ali Saddam Hussein was a Hussein offspring, but the OFAC list stated he was born in 1980 or 1983. Kubbany was born in Detroit in 1949.

Under OFAC guidance, the date discrepancy signals a false match. Still, Kubbany said, the broker decided not to proceed. "She just talked with a bunch of lenders over the phone and they said, 'No,' " he said. "So we said, 'The heck with it. We'll just go somewhere else.' "

[ cf Ordinary People Being Labeled as Terrorists ]

As we all know the Invisible Imaginary Foot of the Market Place is the All Knowing, All Seeing, True Beleiver of True Truth!!! So how ever could anyone Doubt them???

Thus, the real question is how long until we can Privatize the Whole Process of Terrorizing Americans by americans!!!! With the Whole Independent From The Failed Old Evil Liberal Republic, and totally Devoted to the whole new and improved Faith Based Solutions which only the Invisible Imaginary Foot of the Free Market Can Provide!!!!

All Hail Foot!!!

Only FOOT can protect us from these Tom Kubbany who are really the Hidden Son of Saddam Hussein!!!

All Hail Foot!!!

{ for those not aware of the Foot Meme, check out The_Ninth_Configuration And BE all that you can BE!!! Because Foot Loves YOU!!

Update: The Ninth Configuration is a nice review that has the specific references to Foot, about half way down it...
An interesting relationship develops between Captain Cutshaw and Colonel Kane. Cutshaw believes there could not possibly be a God - or, as he calls it, an "all-knowing Foot" - because if there were, He would not allow all the suffering that exists in the world. But Kane maintains that the existence of God is proven by the good that manages to thrive among that suffering.
being a nice reference, eh? }
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