drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why We Must Stop The Satanists....

Winner in, "Oh now That Sucks" coding moment.... my fave the SemiColon Splice

The specific piece of code fragment...

while(my($k,$v) = each %$info)
my ($portType,$bladeId,$unitId) ;

my $otherBladeId =

my $redundancyBladeId =

my $newKey =

my $otherState = (defined($info->{$newKey})) ?
$info->{$newKey}:'unkown_state' ;

Yes Kids, we wind up in that most unpeasant of moments there, where while we have our $bladeId, it is NOT doing anything more than getting declared, and the nice getComponentsFromPortListKey($k); method was ever so nice as to get compiled NOT in a list context, but in a VOID CONTEXT!!!!!

The first CLUE things were going WONKY was that there were all of these 'undefined results which showed up as we were trying to get at the $bladeId info.... BUT that really was BECAUSE we had failed to 'init' this DB, and hence to Come through here a FIRST TIME to make sure that the stuff that would be hung was hung with care on the Mantel Piece Where Good Old Saint Nick Would Leave Charming COMPRESSED LUMPS OF COAL, also known as Diamonds, if you were a Good Boy, and Mere ROCKS if You FREAKING SUCK BILGE....

So we go through the PAIN of waiting on the system on the far side, to get back to us, and we wait for the system to get back to us.... and then notice that even IF we have made sure to put

# the redundantPortStateDbInit
my ($errno, $errmsg,$keyPairArray) =


Into the Sanity Check...

Oh Please Sir, Can I have Another One...
Tags: bong_hitz_4_jesus, code

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