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What If The Welsh Failure In Music Were Not the moral imperative?

So there I was searching around for 'hair band' to understand who all of that is the dark evil of ikkyYukkyPoohPerIsm, and I find
It's safe to say that the 'Welsh Music Industry' has found a style of music it does well i.e. 'souless americanised emo punk drivel'
[ cf pooooop factory awards for turd (emphasis mine) ]
Which is CREEPY ENOUGH since, well, it really sucks that americans are viewed so soullessly by The Ferrign Devils Overseas.

Then over the transom comes this piece:
There's much concern that the Bush administration has been allowing the infiltration of federal government by Christian fundamentalist "sleeper cells," political appointees whose first loyalty is not to the Constitution, but a reductionist understanding of the Bible. It's true, of course, and here's another one...

In my latest Rolling Stone story, "Teenage Holy War" (only the first quarter of it's online, here; the rest is in the issue on the stands now) I wrote of one such character, Rebecca Contreras, whom I saw "lecture" at the east Texas Honor Academy of Ron Luce, a fundamentalist youth leader:

[ cf Yet Another Sleeper Cell" ]
Yes, read the article, do the back ground work ( Honor Academy, Ron Luce and Battle Cry Campaign ) an interesting trilogy of technical reads...

and yes, there is also the comedic fun of
My GOD ! There are about 150 graduates of Pat Robertson's Regent University within the Bush Administration, almost like a huge Al Qaeda sleeper cell !.... Well, not really ; for one thing, Al Qaeda terrorists don't, as far I'm aware, publish their affiliations on public websites, and a "sleeper cell" that can be outed by a few minutes of Googling isn't much of a sleeper cell, is it ?
Actually, I doubt Monica Goodling or her other Regent University cohorts worried about secrecy much. It actually wasn't, up to now, at all necessary because nobody was paying attention.

The extent to which that's true can be gaged by the willingness of most people on the left to swallow hook line and sinker David Kuo's claim, put out last October to tremendous fanfare, that the Bush Administration secretly loathed Evangelicals. The claim was more than dubious when it was made, and it was gobbled up with gusto by those who wanted the Christian right to magically vanish.
Indeed, the House GOP Minority Speaker considers it OK to court an advocate for worldwide nuclear war. We've come a long way indeed.

[ cf It's Monica Goodling Freakout Time ! ]
Oh Dear...

I guess it could get worse, but, wow, another group of folks who are not buying into the Retro History, did you know that there is a Liars For Jesus: The Religious Right's Alternative History. WOW!!!!

The evil liberals do Slip Stream SciFi, and the Religious Right uses it to support a Political Agenda....


What if SciFi had to go back to it's Political Roots and support The Diggers in their Struggle?
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