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And The Padilla Case Gets More Interesting...

Hey Kids, what is the American Case Law on Torturing Americans Illegally?
U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke stressed in a 12-page order filed late Monday that she was not passing judgment on the torture allegations. Rather, she said the effort to dismiss the case for "outrageous government conduct" was faulty on legal grounds.
In her ruling, Cooke said the dismissal motion wasn't backed up by case law and failed on legal grounds because prosecutors aren't using any evidence collected during Padilla's time in the brig.

To rule otherwise would "effectively provide a defendant with amnesty for any uncharged crime so long as the government violated the defendant's due process rights at some prior point," she wrote.

She warned, however, that the issue could return should prosecutors decide to use evidence from Padilla's interrogations.

[ cf Judge rejects Padilla torture argument ]
Interesting, very interesting.

One More RADICAL BLACK ROBED JUDICIAL TYRANNY trying to legislate from the Bench that the Government may not be allowed to use evidence Derived From Torture....


I Mean Where WILL This Shryll Hysterical Angry Radical Extremism End????

Do we want to allow America to fall into the Dark Horrors of being Ruled By American Law...

Do We WANT to allow these SeXular Humanists to Raise Up The Mere law of man over the Divine Will Of The Divinity???
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